Inga Diev

General Manager of Ouat Media

Inga  Diev   Headshot
As General Manager of Ouat Media, Inga Diev is responsible for the company’s business operations, overseeing all film sales and acquisitions. Before joining Ouat Media, Inga spent over a decade working in film production and broadcast programming, most recently at Sundance Channel Canada. For six years, Inga also served on the Board of Canadian Filmmakers’ Distribution Centre (CFMDC), Canada’s leading not-for-profit, non-commercial distributor and resource for independently produced film. Based out of Toronto, Ouat Media specializes in distribution and worldwide sales of short films and is one of the world’s primary destinations for work by the industry’s rising stars. Currently boasting an award-winning catalog featuring 12 Oscar® nominees and three Oscar® winners, their network of partners also spans multiple continents and includes platforms and broadcasters such as Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Canal+, BBC, PBS, ESPN, Al Jazeera, Condé Nast Entertainment, The Criterion Channel, Kanopy, and Tencent Video.

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