Alden Dalia

Motion Picture Executive at WME

Alden  Dalia   Headshot
Alden Dalia’s journey reflects his keen eye for talent and unwavering dedication to fostering creativity. His career trajectory has been defined by his passion for storytelling and his ability to spot emerging voices in the industry. Alden’s foray into film development began at Participant Media, where he honed his craft and developed a deep appreciation for the power of cinema to provoke thought and inspire change. Transitioning to Sony Pictures Entertainment marked a pivotal moment in Alden’s career, where he spearheaded “Alden’s Picks,” a weekly newsletter that became a cornerstone of industry insights, showcasing short films and in depth entertainment articles. Through “Alden’s Picks”, Alden made his mark as a co-producer for the critically acclaimed Netflix film HIS HOUSE, which also caught the attention of WME. Now a Motion Picture Executive at WME, Alden’s focus remains on uncovering untapped potential and bringing innovative storytelling to the forefront.

Working to Enlighten, Enrich, Educate, and Entertain Through Film