How to activate Isis Theatre Benefits

Aspen Film members receive $1 off Regular Adult + Senior tickets to films* at the Isis Theatre. You cannot access these benefits until you have registered.

To access this discount, you must purchase tickets through the BTM Cinemas website.
AF Members who were active before 12/1/22 were automatically registered by Aspen Film. Members who joined after that date, were sent an email with instructions on how to register.
If you are currently an AF Member and did not receive an email and/or are having issues with the BTM website, please contact

*Discount applies to most films, with a few exceptions. No discounts on Special Events, Festivals or Tuesday Saver tickets.


Step One

  • Go to
  • Click on “Theaters” in the global navigation
  • Click “More Details” below the BTM Isis Theatre location

Step Two

  • Select any film and time

Step Three

  • A new window will pop up
  • Click the “Sign in” button

Step Four

  • Click “Forgot password?”

Step Five

  • You will be emailed a link to create a new password.
  • Once you’ve created a new password, you will see the Membership screen. To book a ticket from here, click the “Book Tickets” link in the upper RIGHT.
  • Select your tickets and complete the checkout process.
  • You may purchase two (2) Aspen Film Adult or Aspen Film Senior tickets per member to each regular screening. If you wish to buy more than two tickets per screening, please contact the box office directly.


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How do I choose my seat in online?

How do members reserve Indie Showcase tickets?

Aspen Film Members receive FREE tickets to our monthly Indie Showcase. These tickets will appear as Aspen Film Adult and Aspen Film Senior, with $0, ONLY for those films. Indie Showcase Tickets are different from the Complimentary Aspen Film Guest Pass which you will also see as a purchase option.

Do members get guest passes?

As a new perk of Membership, each Aspen Film Member will receive a specified number of Complimentary Guest Passes per year.

  • Guest Passes may be used at a screening of your choice which does NOT have to be an “Aspen Film Presents” selection.
  • Guest Passes may be used for yourself or a guest.
  • Some restrictions apply: for example, guest passes cannot be used for Festival or other Special Event screenings.
  • Guest Passes are issued as follows:
    • Cinephile/Platinum Director/ Director – one (1) Guest Pass per year
    • Storyteller/Producer – two (2) Guest Passes per year
    • Star/Benefactor/Visionary/Auteur – four (4) Guest Passes per year

Can I still come to the Box Office?

Yes, of course you can still buy your ticket and reserve a seat at the theatre.

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