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Aspen Film is internationally recognized for the quality of its festivals and as a launching pad for filmmakers the world over. From our screenings and panel discussions to our complimentary education offerings, Aspen Film offers some of the most enriching cultural experiences in our area. Our work would not possible without help from individuals like you. Becoming a member of Aspen Film affirms your belief that film is an art worthy of growth and support, capable of exploring the human condition at profound and powerful depths. Join now to help ensure the future of this vital world of cinema and to fully enjoy all the benefits an Aspen Film membership has to offer!

  • Giving Levels

    Giving Levels

    Each of our membership levels offers an array of perks and benefits. Join online or email our office to learn more!

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  • Visionary: $10,000

    Visionary: $10,000

    Aspen Film Visionary members understand the immediate value and impact of their dollars, and also look beyond the moment to see that great philanthropy is about advocating for a world in which arts can flourish.

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  • Benefactor: $6,000

    Benefactor: $6,000

    Devoted to maintaining the cinematic arts in our community, Aspen Film Benefactors wish to contribute to and experience our programming and festivals on the most robust level.

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  • Star: $1,700

    Star: $1,700

    From documentary shorts to indie features, Aspen Film Stars take joy in experiencing all Aspen Film has to offer, allowing our organization to thrive and continue to meet our highest priorities.

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  • Producer: $675

    Producer: $675

    A wonderful entree into Aspen Film membership, our Producer level allows donors to select one festival of choice in order to begin exploring Aspen Film’s full slate of programming, festivals, and events.

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  • Director: $150

    Director: $150

    The steadfast foundation of Aspen Film, our Directors are film aficionados and novices, cinema lovers and casual moviegoers.

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