Sustaining Through Membership

Producer Level Memberships and above include FESTIVAL PASSES


WHY ASPEN FILM?  Our feeling is that becoming a member of Aspen Film affirms your belief that film is an art form worthy of growth and support.


With a history going back to 1978, and a mission to enlighten, enrich, educate and entertain through film, Aspen Film has been creating unique and memorable experiences for both the cinephile and the casual movie lover.  With a reach that stretches throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, Aspen Film organizes major movie events every season, offers an extensive education program and hosts numerous special film presentations.


Aspen Film aspires to be bigger, bolder and better. We want to bring you more unique experiences whether they are in the classroom, on the big screen or intimate dialogues.  We are grateful for all of the support we get – no gesture is too small and donations can be monetary, in-kind, trade, and in the form of your own time, the most valuable resource of all.


Please consider making a contribution to Aspen Film, so that we can keep giving back to our community, in the manner it deserves.

Visionary Level

VISIONARY: $10,000

Aspen Film Visionary members understand the value and impact of their dollars which help underwrite on-going film and educational programs.

Benefactor Level


Aspen Film Benefactors wish to contribute to and experience our programming and festivals on the most robust level.

Star Level

STAR: $1,700

Aspen Film Stars take advantage of all Aspen Film has to offer.

Producer Level


Producer level gives donors the opportunity to begin exploring Aspen Film’s full slate of programming starting with full access to one of our signature festivals during the year.

Director Level


The foundation of Aspen Film, our Directors are film aficionados, cinema lovers and casual moviegoers.

Super Screener


Available to our young donors 35 years or younger.