2021 Shortsfest

April 6, 2021

2021 Shortsfest

2021 Shortsfest

Award Winners

Best Animation: O BLACK HOLE directed by Renee Zhan, (UK)

Best Comedy: AFFAIRS OF THE ART directed by Joanna Quinn (UK/Canada)

Best Documentary: WE HAVE ONE HEART directed by Katarzyna Warzecha, (Poland)

Best Drama: MARLON BRANDO directed by Vincent Tilanus, (The Netherlands)

Best Short Short: THE FOURFOLD directed by Alisi Telengut, (Canada)

Audience Award: CLOSE TIES TO HOME COUNTRY directed by Akanksha Cruczynski, (USA)

The Ellen Award: WE HAVE ONE HEART directed by Katarzyna Warzecha, (Poland)

Best Student Short + Youth Jury: PLAISIR directed by Molly Gillis, (France)

Vimeo Staff Pick: SINKING SHIP directed by Sasha Leigh Henry, (Canada)


À LA MODE Directed by Jean Lecointre (France)

AL-SIT Directed by Suzannah Mirghani (Sudan, Qatar)

ALE LIBRE Directed by Maya Cueva (USA)

ANIKSHA Directed by Vincent Toi (Canada)

ARE YOU STILL THERE? Directed by Rayka Zehtabchi & Sam Davis (USA)

BANDIT HILL Directed by Scotty Carlson (USA)

BETWEEN YOU AND MILAGROS Directed by Mariana Saffon (Colombia, USA)

BLACK BODIES Directed by Kelly Fyffe-Marshall (Canada)

A BROKEN HOUSE Directed by Jimmy Goldblum (USA, Lebanon)

BRUISER Directed by Miles Warren (USA)

BUG FARM Directed by Lydia Cornett (USA)

CHUJ BOYS OF SUMMER Directed by Max Walker-Silverman (USA, Guatemala)

DAVID Directed by Zach Woods (USA)

death. everything. nothing. Directed by LeRhonda Manigault-Bryant (USA)

DIVING IN Directed by Adam Bowes & Nina Oyama (Australia)

DỌLÁPỌ̀ IS FINE Directed by Ethosheia Hylton (UK)

DREAM EATER Directed by Min-jeong JO (South Korea)

DROUGHT Directed by Remi Itani (Lebanon, UK)

DUSTIN Directed by Naïla Guiguet (France)

E14 Directed by Peiman Zekavat (UK)

THE END OF SUFFERING (A PROPOSAL) Directed by Jacqueline Lentzou (Greece)


THE GREAT MALAISE (LE MAL DU SIÈCLE) Directed by Catherine Lepage (Canada)

THE HEART STILL HUMS Directed by Savanah Leaf & Taylor Russell (USA)

HER DANCE (RIKUD HASSIDI) Directed by Bar Choen (Israel)

IN SUDDEN DARKNESS Directed by Tayler Montague (USA)

ISOLE CICLOPI Directed by Ryan De Franco & Matthew Mendelson (Italy, USA)

KKUM Directed by Kang-min Kim (South Korea, USA)

THE LAST FERRY FROM GRASS ISLAND (島嶼故事) Directed by Linhan Zhang (USA, Hong Kong)

LEARNING TAGALOG WITH KAYLA Directed by Kayla Abuda Galang (USA)

LIGIE Directed by Aline Magrez (Belgium)


LIVE IN CLOUD-CUCKOO LAND (MÂY NHƯNG KHÔNG MƯA) Directed by Vũ Minh Nghĩa & Phạm Hoàng Minh Thy (Vietnam)

LIZARD Directed by Akinola Davies Jr. (Nigeria, UK)

LONELY BLUE NIGHT Directed by Johnson Cheng (USA)

MARÉ Directed by Joana Rosa Bragança (Portugal)

MOON (LUNE) Directed by Zoé Pelchat (Canada)

MOUNTAIN CAT (Шилүүс) Directed by Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir (Mongolia, UK)

MY FATHER THE MOVER Directed by Julia Jansch (South Africa)

THE NAME OF THE SON (EL NOMBRE DEL HIJO) Directed by Martina Matzkin (Argentina)

NAVOZANDE, LE MUSICIEN Directed by Reza Riahi (France)

THE NIGHT TRAIN (NATTÅGET) Directed by Jerry Carlsson (Sweden)

OLD DOG Directed by Ann Marie Fleming (Canada)

ONLY A CHILD Directed by Simone Giampaolo (Switzerland)

PAIN Directed by Anna Rose Duckworth (New Zealand)

THE PRICE OF CHEAP RENT Directed by Amina Sutton & Maya Tanaka (USA)

PROOF OF LOSS Directed by Katherine Fisher (USA)

THE RECORDER Directed by Justine Lupe (USA)

REHAK Directed by Pierre B (UK, France)

RENAIDANCE Directed by Zhike Yang, Wenjie Wu, & Han Chen Chang (China, Taiwan, USA)

ROBOROVSKI Directed byTilda Cobham-Hervey & Dev Patel (Australia)

SALEM Directed by Sophie Beaulieu (France)

SHINKANSEN Directed by Siena Stubbs (Australia)

SILENCE Directed by Brwa Vahabpour (Norway)

SILVERTONE Directed by Kerris Dorsey (USA)

SINKING SHIP (LE NAUFRAGE) Directed by Sasha Leigh Henry (Canada)

SOFA SO GOOD Directed by Noa Osheroff (USA)

SQUIRREL WARS Directed by Jill Morley (USA)

STRONG SON Directed by Ian Bawa (Canada)

SUMMER SHADE (צל בקיץ) Directed by Shira Haimovici (UK, Israel)

THANADOULA Directed by Robin McKenna (Canada)

THEREFORE, SOCRATES IS MORTAL Directed by Alexandre Isabelle (Canada)

A TINY TALE Directed by Sylvain Cuvillier, Chloe Bourdic, Theophile Coursimault, Noemie Halberstam, Maylis Mosny, & Zijing Ye (France)

TOBI AND THE TURBOBUS (TOBI UND DER TURBOBUS) Directed by Verena Fels & Marc Angele (Germany)

THE TOMTEN AND THE FOX (REVEN OG NISSEN) Directed by Yaprak Morali & Are Austnes (Norway, Sweden, Denmark)

TWIN TREES Directed by Emmanuel Ollivier (France)

UNLIVEABLE (INABITÁVEL) Directed by Matheus Farias & Enock Carvalho (Brazil)

WEARABLE TRACY Directed by Emily McAllister (USA)

WELCOME STRANGERS Directed by Dia Sokol Savage (USA)

WHITE WEDDING Directed by Melody C. Roscher (USA)

WICHITA Directed by Sergine Dumais (USA)

WIRUN Directed by Chad O’Brien (Australia)

YORUGA Directed by Federico Torrado Tobón (USA, Colombia)

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