Aspen, CO (May 26, 2020): Aspen Film, in partnership with Greenwich Entertainment, and in collaboration with Bosq Restaurant, is thrilled to present a screening of the documentary DIANA KENNEDY: NOTHING FANCY. Beginning Friday, May 29, the streamed screening will be available for purchase for $9.99 and viewers will have 72 hours to watch once purchased. A pre-recorded Q&A with director Elizabeth Carroll, chef Alice Waters (Chez Panisse), chef Gabriela Cámara (Contramara & Cala), and The New York Times food writer David Tanis will also be available at no extra cost. To purchase tickets, visit

“I was totally captivated by Diana Kennedy while watching this film – she is now 97 years old, living as an ex-pat in Mexico. She has a pioneering spirit, and is a renowned Mexican chef,” says Aspen Film Executive + Artistic Director Susan Wrubel. “Diana is a no-nonsense woman who delved deep into the cuisine of Mexico and also maintains a sustainable lifestyle on her land. When we decided to show the film, I immediately thought of the incredible and authentic Mexican menus offered by Bosq restaurant in Aspen, and Chef Barclay Dodge and the fact both he and Diana share a love of exploring local ingredients and traditional culinary techniques. They loved the idea of a collaboration and Chef Barclay is offering a Diana Kennedy-inspired menu for take-out this weekend to celebrate the documentary.”

DIANA KENNEDY: NOTHING FANCY is an intimate, candid perspective into the curious world of cookbook author and British ex-pat Diana Kennedy – widely regarded as the world’s expert on Mexican cuisine. At five feet tall and 97 years old, Diana is larger than life: a foul-mouthed fireball far feistier and more energetic than her age and petite frame let on. Author of nine Mexican cookbooks, she has spent over 60 years researching and documenting the regional cuisines of Mexico. Kennedy has lived ‘off-the-grid’ on an eight-acre ranch outside Zitácuaro, Michoacán since the 1970’s: composting, growing her own crops, and using solar power to run her home. Aware of her own mortality, she is working tirelessly to solidify the legacy of her life’s efforts, with the hope of turning her home into a foundation for culinary education in Mexico.

A two-time James Beard Award winner, Diana was decorated with an Order of the Aztec Eagle from the Mexican government and became a Member of the Order of the British Empire from the UK in 2002. Despite her notable achievements, Diana is difficult to categorize. Often referred to as the “Julia Child of Mexico,” but Diana prefers a different title: “The Mick Jagger of Mexican Cuisine.”

In conjunction with the screening, Aspen Film is delighted to be able to collaborate with local restaurant Bosq and Chef C. Barclay Dodge as he prepares a special “Diana Kennedy” inspired menu. Chef Dodge has spent the last 30 years traveling to exotic places from North Africa, Spain, South East Asia, Central America, Australia and all-over Sub-Sahara Africa. The flavors and cultures of his travels have always intrigued him, and he finds himself heavily delving into the markets and restaurants (white tablecloth and street food) wherever he may be. Since opening Bosq in spring of 2016, Chef Dodge has truly honed his style, pulling from his relationships with local biodynamic farms and from his love of foraging deep in the valley forest.

To see the weekend menu and for more information about Bosq, visit

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