Local’s film in Aspen Film Shortsfest

March 20, 2016

Local’s film in Aspen Film Shortsfest

By Patrick Fort, Aspen Public Radio

“God Willing” is a documentary short film following the life of Palestinian woman, Mais Rosol Abu Saa. The film was selected to be screened during Aspen Film’s ShortsFest film festival. Aspen Public Radio Arts reporter Patrick Fort spoke with director Gayle Embrey about how she found Mais and how cultural differences allowed Embrey to learn about this woman.

Highlights of their conversation…

On bridging cultural gaps…

“She was culturally really easy to speak with. I felt like I could have asked her questions that would have offended other women in the  country, and some of the men I think would have been offended as well.”

What is special about the film’s subject, Mais Rosol Abu Saa…

“Finding her there was shocking because I expected her to be fully dressed in the hijab. When you’re married you’re usually fully covered, and she was not. That was really shocking to me.”


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