Sustaining Through Membership


Thank you for supporting Aspen Film. To express our gratitude for helping us grow our member base, we would like to offer you benefits for referring new members to our organization.


For every 3 new memberships purchased through your referral, we will be offering you the following rewards:

  • $450 in paid membership value equals a SWAG bag or a $45 virtual screening pass
  • $900 in paid membership value equals a SWAG bag AND $45 virtual screening pass
  • $1700 in paid membership value equals a free virtual festival pass
  • $3000 in paid membership value equals TWO free virtual festival passes

*SWAG bags will include some combination of a hat, gaiter, hot/cold cup, water bottle, blanket


To claim your reward, please instruct potential members to add your name in the REFERRED BY field when checking out:


Once three members have been activated using your name, we will notify of your reward.


For further details and any questions, please email

Visionary Level

VISIONARY: $10,000

Aspen Film Visionary members understand the value and impact of their dollars which help underwrite on-going film and educational programs.

Benefactor Level


Aspen Film Benefactors wish to contribute to and experience our programming and festivals on the most robust level.

Star Level

STAR: $1,700

Aspen Film Stars take advantage of all Aspen Film has to offer.

Producer Level


Producer level gives donors the opportunity to begin exploring Aspen Film’s full slate of programming starting with full access to one of our signature festivals during the year.


Flex Members are entitled to 10 redeemable ticket vouchers to Aspen Film’s signature festivals.

Director Level


The foundation of Aspen Film, our Directors are film aficionados, cinema lovers and casual moviegoers.

Super Screener


Available to our young donors 35 years or younger.