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Audience Award: “Flower Punk” (Japan), directed by Alison Klayman

Best Comedy: “Postcards From The End Of The World” (Greece), directed by Konstantinos Antonopoulos

“Deadpan humor propels this acidly romantic and wholly original story about a crumbling marriage amidst the end of civilization. Beyond the impending cataclysm, the film’s portrayal of the personal tragedy of lost love and the possibility of rekindling it deftly shows us that once our mundane burdens lose meaning, we can focus on what really matters,” reads the statement from Shortsfest’s competition jury, consisting of critic and journalist Carlos Aguilar; Canal+ acquisitions executive Pascale Faure; and producer Marie Therese Guirgis.

Special Mention for Comedy“Marcy Learns Something New” (USA), directed by Julia Kennelly

“The film offers us a very unexpected vision of a middle-aged woman who finds her way through the practice of SM,” reads the jury statement. “A skillful script and original characters make this fictional tale a story for consenting adults.”

Best Drama: “Bablinga” (France), directed by Fabien Dao (Not screened in the virtual festival)

Special Mention for Drama: “I’ll End Up In Jail” (Canada), directed by Alexandre Dostie

“It’s rare to discover a truly original filmmaking voice and even rarer to have no idea what’s going to happen from one moment to the next while watching a film,” reads the jury statement. “A delight.”

Best Animation: “And Then The Bear” (France), directed by Agnes Patron (Not screened in the virtual festival)

Special Mention for Animation: “Bag” (USA), directed by Robin Frohardt

“The originality of the technique joins the theme of the film, an animation made with recycled materials that tells us the tragedy of a plastic bag,” reads the jury statement. “The result is a cinematic symbol of a new ecological consciousness.”

Best Documentary: “A Youth” (UK, Italy, Greece), directed by Giorgio Bosisio

“There have been a number of recent documentaries depicting the lives of refugees in Greece and other European countries,” reads the jury statement. “But ‘A Youth’ never ‘others’ nor pities its subjects. We care about them because they are, essentially, so much like us. We respect them because they are braver than we are.”

Special Mention for Documentary: “The Starr Sisters” (USA), directed by Bridey Elliott, Beth Einhorn

“This film captures an unforgettable moment alongside these incredible sisters,” reads the jury statement. “They tell us their stories of life – even the most intimate ones — and give us an inspiring lesson of freedom!”

Best Short Short: “Something To Remember” (Sweden), directed by Niki Lindroth von Bahr

“As melancholic as it is bewildering, this exquisitely achieved stop-motion creation finds profound humanity in its animal protagonists through an eerily soothing song,” reads the jury statement. “It’s a bittersweet, bite-size confection that blew us away.”

Special Mention for Short Short: Asmahan The Diva (France), directed by Chloe Mazlo

“We would have happily watched another hour of this lovely, clever, fascinating, and moving film,” reads the jury statement.

Best Student Short: “Heading South” (China, USA), directed by Yuan Yuan (Not screened in the virtual festival)

Special Mention: “No Crying At The Dinner Table” (Canada), directed by Carol Nguyen

“Formally intelligent and deeply emotionally affecting, this film gives viewers such a strong sense of each character in such a short time and we cared about all of them,” reads the jury statement.

The Ellen Award: “Bag” (USA), directed by Robin Frohardt

Youth Jury Award: “The Manchador” (Norway, Germany), directed by Kaveh Therani

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