Program 5 - Aspen, Shortsfest 2017 Aspen
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Ágúst spends one last morning roving around his sleepy Icelandic hometown with his best friend Dóri, conflicted about leaving the familiar for a dream football contract in England. See Ya is a quiet reminder that the most important crossroads in life necessitate discomfort, doubt and at times, a mean hangover. LG (Iceland) World Premiere


Director: Brúsi Ólason,
Writers: Brúsi Ólason, Daniel Slottje 
Producers: Kári Úlfsson, Jasmin Tenucci 
Cinematographer: Erlendur Sveinsson 
Editor: Brúsi Ólason 
Composer: Emmsjé Gauti 

Run Time: 12 min.