Program 3 - Aspen, Program B - Carbondale, Shortsfest 2017 Aspen, Shortsfest 2017 Carbondale
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An offbeat, infectious, and refreshingly original ride that follows two twentysomething underachievers as they make the rounds selling dope and expressing themselves through mixtapes. It also has an appropriately awesome indie soundtrack. LG (USA) World Premiere


Director: Peter Edlund
Writers: Peter Edlund, Ian Edlund
Producers: Megan Leonard, Bobby McHugh
Cinematographer: Ty Migota
Editor: Megan Leonard
Composers: Ought, Pillar Point, Jim Sullivan, Comets on Fire, Father, Julianna Barwick, Chastity Belt, Tony Molina, Kari Faux
Run Time: 17 min.