Program 10 - Aspen, Shortsfest 2017 Aspen
About This Project



Transcending reality through fantasy, the female body expresses itself radically in its new underwater environment—but now with as much vehemence by which it was treated when it was purely, simply, merely a woman. KM (Algeria/Kuwait) North American Premiere  


Director: Damien Ounouri
Writers: Damien Ounouri, Adila Bendimerad 
Producers: El Hadi Bouabdallah with Co-producers Talal Al-Muhanna, Karim, Amin Bengana, Thomas & Amina Castaing, Nathalie Fedrizzi, Amine Mentseur 
Cinematographer: Mohamed Tayeb Laggoune 
Editors: Damien Ounouri, Adila Bendimerad, Matthieu Laclau 
Composers: Fethi Nadjem, Khaled, Zahouania, Safy Boutella, with Sound Design by Li Dan-Feng 


Run Time: 40 min.