Aspen Film is grateful to the individuals that have invested in the programs that further our mission. Members and donors are listed as of August 31,2018. We hope you will consider joining them. We have made every effort to prepare these donor lists accurately. If you note an error, please contact our office at 970-925-6882 or

Visionary Members and Donors ($10,000+)


Paulette and Mel Blumenthal

Darlynn and Tom Fellman

Melony and Adam Lewis

Becky and Chris Steere

Benefactor Members and Donors ($6,000 – $9,999)

Jessie and Josephe Baker

Bill and Sheila Lambert

Toby Lewis

Adam and Melony Lewis

Margie and Bryan Weingarten

Star Members and Donors ($1,700 – $5,999)

Karin Bannerot

Robert Brinker and Pamela Joseph

DeDe Brinkman

Muffy and Andy DiSabatino

Merle Dulien

Gayle Embrey

Sheila and David Fuente

Jessica and John Fullerton

Marcy and Howard Gross

Beverly and Hal Haddon

Hill Harper

Hyunja and Jeffrey Kenner

Susan and William Kirkman

Pamela Levy and Rick Crandall

Nancy and Robert Magoon

Susan and Larry Marx

Ann Miller

Debbi Fields Rose and Michael Rose

Phyllis and David Scruggs

Jacqueline and Neal Shear

Joyce and Charles Shenk

Jill and Stu Siegel

Selma Spaccarelli

Judith Steinberg

Sandy and Kenny Tate

Mary Thompson

Benjamin Tomkins

Betty and Howard Wallach

Lynda and Doug Weiser

Producer Members and Donors ($675 – $1,699)

Tina and Simon Beriro

Lily Brener

Maury and Susan Brochstein

Barbara Bussell and William Stirling

Ruth Carver

Rhonda Casillas

Dale Coudert

Vicki Dansky

Gary Davis

Minnie Dubilier

Debbie and Jerry Epstein

Sara Finkle

Harriet Gold

Jared Goldberg

Mark Goldberg

Jeffrey Grinspoon and Jon Foley

Barnett Helzberg

Debby and Hal Jacobs

Marci Johnson

Sandy and George Kahle

Leslie Kaplan

Jackie and Jerry Kehle

Suzanne and Michael Kosnitzky

Barbara Koval

Barbara and Jon Lee

Judy and Robert Mann

Peggy and David Marks

Ona and Ernest Marshall

Joyce McGilvray

Lori Moore

Jim Morris

Lee Mulcahy

Edlis Neeson

Blanca OLeary

Wendy Reyes

Anda and Byron Roach

Herschel Ross

Linda and Jay Sandrich

Steven and Julie Schlafer

Karen and Kit Sickels

Valery and Bill Stevenson

Leah Zell

Director Members and Donors ($150 – $674)

Sherry Achi

Nancy Caponi and Robert Adams

Mone and Jim Anathan

Heather Ardley

Rebecca Armour

Gayle and Jonathan Armytage

Susan Bachman

Marilyn and George Baker

Kathy and Drew Berkman

Diana Beuttas

Gene Bindler

Cathy and Tony Blank

Kimberly Bloom

Cheryl Bogdan

Deborah and Mark Breen

Sharon and Daniel Brener

Alan Brody

Penny Brown

Robin Buchalter

Jacolyn and John Bucksbaum

Debby Burns

Mary Carlson

Krysia Carter-Giez

Tina Chen

Pamela Conover

Mya and Lance Cote

Carol Craig

Laura Crow

Virginia Dabney

Alexandra de Rienzo Madero

Marjorie DeLuca

Fritz Diether

Mary Dominick and Sven Coomer

Rebecca Donelson

David Dowler

Kay and Thomas Dunton

Bernice and Loyal Durand

Alice Elgart

Alexis and Freddie Emich

Deborah Epstein

Ginny and Bradford Epsten

Carol Farnsworth

Susan and George Fesus

Deborah Fifer

Nanette and Jerry E. Finger

Robin Fitzpatrick

Renee Fleisher and Greg Smith

Jane and Bill Frazer

Dorothy Frommer

Marilyn Gallant

Sara Garton

Nicole Giantonio and James Horowitz

DeeDee and Herb Glimcher

Barbara and Gary Goldstein

Ellen Greenspoon

Kristen and Casady Henry

Dorene Herzog

Vicki Heyman

Paget Higgins

Janet and Bob Hoffman

Meddi Hogg

Bonnie Holmes

Gail and Phil Holstein

Ellen Hunt

Christine Interlante

Julie Isaacson

Amanda Jackson

Martha and Melvin Jackson

Susan Jenkins

Sandy Johnson

Edith Johnson

Lisa Jones

Regna Jones

Linda Kalnitsky

Jacqueline Kaplan

Christine Karnes

Sheri Kaufman-Marsh

Jody Kelley

Tyler Kemper

Betsy Key

Susan Kinney

Roberta and Mel Klein

George Klein

Pam and Jay Kuhne

Sherry and James Lacy

Valerie Lally

Susan Lau and Mark Kavasch

In Honor of Laura

Yoon Lee

Jay Lerner

Alison Levin

George Lewin

Judy Ley Allen

Judy and Sam Linhart

Wendy Lucas

Paul MacCaskill

Kurt Malkoff

Joan and Michael Marek

Janice and Chip Marks

Carol Marks and Tom Wirtshafter

Reed Martin

Cornelius Marx

Phyllis Hojel and John Mascotte

Kim Master and Noah Lieb

Joelle McDonough

Elizabeth Meador

Shelah Moller

Bernhurd Moreno

Johanna Mueller

Marjory Musgrave and Frank Peters

Stephanie and Michael Naidoff

Patricia Neeb

Monica New

Sharon Noskin

Nedra and Mark Oren

Meredith and Zoe Osterman

Christine Pack

Lynda Palevsky

Jean Lee and Allen Parelman

Catherine Pearson

Hensley and James Peterson

Bradley E. Place Jr. and Penny L. Place

Polly Pollard

Joanne Post

Susan Proctor

Josiane Collazo and James Psaki

Kelli and Allen Questrom

Sara Ransford

Stacey Reed

Barbara Reid and David Hyman

Myra Rich

Pamela and Charles Richards

Mark Ronay

Mel Ronick

Bob Rugile and Amy Maron

Sally Sakin

Lois and Thomas Sando

Wido Schaefer

June and Paul Schorr

William Schottenstein

Denise Schramm

Dawn Shepard

Joyce Sher

Jill Shore

Ruth Shuman

Madeline Silverman

Janet Slegers

Beverly and John Snyder

Joan Spalding

Sandy and Stephen Stay

Brenda and Michael Stern

Austine Stitt

Jana Sulzer

Jenny Sutton

Robin Swartz

Ken and Shari Test

Laura Thorne and Loren Jenkins

Elissa Topol and Lee Osterman

Marie Torreano

Paula Turner

Leelee von Stade

Judith Wender

Dana and Michael Werner

Soren and Karen West

Christopher Wheatley

Shari Wiezbowski and Steve Michelson

Dorothy Wildman and Albert Sanford

Nancy Wilhelms

Barbara Winton

Larry Woodson

King Woodward

Tamara Zajarias

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