Aspen Film is pleased to be a cultural partner for Intersect Art and Design for this year’s pop-up edition of Intersect Aspen, taking place August 1 through 5 at the Aspen Ice Garden, showcasing 30 galleries from 26 cities, and featuring a wide array of special programming taking place daily.


Aspen Ice Garden
233 W Hyman Ave,
Aspen, CO 81611


Dates and Times:
Sunday, August 1
VIP Preview Brunch | 10 am – 11 am


Sunday, August 1 — Thursday, August 5
General Admission | 11 am – 5 pm


Tickets available online here.


Intersect Aspen Film Shorts
presented by Aspen Film


Aspen Film will present four acclaimed animated short films from its 2020 and 2021 Oscar®-qualifying Shortsfests, screening at the Fair each evening at 5 pm, at the Aspen Ice Garden.

Registration is not required for these events, all screenings are free and open to the public.

O BLACK HOLE (2021) 

Sunday, August 1

A woman who can’t stand the passing of time turns herself into a black hole. A thousand unchanging years pass inside her warm and dark embrace until, finally, the Singularity awakens inside. An immovable woman meets an unstoppable girl in this epic 2D/3D space opera about the meaning of transience and letting go. (Renee Zhan, UK, 16 MIN)

BAG (2020)

Monday, August 2

Using only cardboard, hot glue and lo-fi special effects, BAG follows the journey of a plastic bag unchanged by time as it travels from the streets of New York City, to the dump, to the sea, and into the distant future. As the climate changes, the seas rise and civilizations fall, the bag remains the same. BAG is an ode to the foreverness of plastic and the permanence of the disposable. (Robin Frohardt, USA, 8 MIN)


Tuesday, August 3

In the voiceover for this animated short, a young woman attempts to describe herself, casting her life in the ideal light that society expects. The film’s imagery, however, tells a different story, poignantly illustrating the intense anxiety that comes with the quest for perfection and the pursuit of happiness. A film that’s both funny and moving, and above all, profoundly human. (Catherine Lepage, Canada, 5 MIN)


Wednesday, August 4

Max Punchface loves to punch and kick anything that moves, and many things that don’t. When his fury conjures up a portal into a strange calm world, he can’t help but explore. However the portal disappears leaving Max trapped in this cute alien land with only some friendly sheep for company & punch practice. (Aidan McAteer, Ireland, 5 MIN)