Shorts Program Four

87 min. 





Three Indian people imagine their personas as their “coffee shop names,” the names they give baristas because their real names are hard to pronounce. As they imagine, they realize their personas are more ingrained in them than they thought before they return to work. (Deepak Sethi, USA, 8 MIN)


A short documentary about a town in Northern Idaho where brothels were open, tolerated, and ingrained within the local community until 1991. The majority of residents viewed prostitution as a legitimate business, and madams as legitimate business owners. The madams played a large role in civic contributions; the doctors had weekly check-ups with the prostitutes; and the children trick or treated at the brothels. And while some don’t miss the brothels, most wish they were still around. Welcome to Wallace. The Last Western Town. (Delaney Buffett, USA, 18 MIN)


Ace Naismith is having a hot flash, and she is about to go live on local television. How one woman tries to keep her cool when one type of flash leads to another. HOT FLASH is a journey into the funny, uncomfortable, and sometimes maddening world of an aging professional woman navigating a culture that puts great emphasis on physical appearance. (Thea Hollatz, Canada, 10 MIN)


VIRAL attempts to authentically portray the effects of opioid addiction and internet venom, shedding light on those who suffer from both of these societal wrongs. Faceless internet attacks affect real people and what’s uploaded can have consequences that last infinitely longer than the event itself. (Donald Broida, USA, 11 MIN)


Peyman and his friends are a group of Afghan teenagers on the cusp of adulthood, who find themselves stuck in Athens. In limbo but armed with a new-found freedom, they kill time by aimlessly strolling around the city, sharing jokes, rap battles, stories of the past, and dreams of the future. As Peyman waits for news that could shake his false state of harmony, he looks for answers amongst his friends and family, trying to make sense of the world around him through his music and poetry. (Giorgio Bosisio, UK, Italy, Greece, 40 MIN)