Carbondale Shorts Program A

Saturday, April 7  |  5:15PM  |  94 min.  |  Crystal Theatre



Kyle is feeling depressed and a weekend bike ride with his best friend, Mike, should help. Fresh air. Camaraderie. Exercise. But Mike has something to say that might ruin the ride. (Michael Covino, USA, 7 min.)



97-year-old Holocaust survivor, Inge Ginsberg, rose to fame as a songwriter for legendary musicians such as Doris Day, Dean Martin and Nat King Cole. Death Metal Grandma follows Inge Ginsberg’s journey to break out as a performer of death metal music and as she prepares for an America’s Got Talent audition. The short documentary interweaves the rich personal history of Inge’s life as she attempts to merge her personal lyrics with the contemporary genre of death metal. (Leah Galant, USA, 13 min.)



Edward Hopper is a meticulous and thorough custodian of a large city transit’s Lost Property office. Alone, in the basement office, he’s kept company by a tiny toy robot and an old gramophone, both of which he has lovingly restored after finding them lost and broken at train stations. Rather than abandon his beloved Lost Property office and all its forgotten relics he has cared for, he decides to re-appropriate them. What emerges from the darkened basement is wondrous and whimsical. (Daniel Agdag, Australia, 10 min.)


14-year-old Marlon is visiting her mother in jail for the first time since her imprisonment. The young girl, protected by her family and relatives, stubbornly believes that her mother is still her childhood heroine. (Jessica Palud, Belgium/France, 20 min.)



Sam loves his job working in a morgue, almost as much as he loves his celebrity idol, Alfred Molina. So, when Alfred Molina arrives on Sam’s cold hard slab (possibly a victim of some nefarious seals), Sam’s world is thrown into chaos and despair. (Dominic Burgress, USA, 10 min.)



An annual bus service that takes children to visit their mothers in prison explores the impact of mass incarceration on a generation of youth (Elizabeth Lo & RJ Lozada, USA,  min.)



When an Afghan refugee arrives in Italy with his goat to seek asylum, an Italian immigration officer finds himself in a difficult position because he doesn’t know what to do with the animal. Based on a true story. (Andrea Brusa & Marco Croatia, Italy, 15 min.) North American Premiere



Poles Apart tells the story of an unlikely meeting between Nanuk, a tough female polar bear, and Aklak, an enthusiastic male grizzly bear, brought together by their changing habitats. The lack of food in a melting Arctic has left the solitary Nanuk desperately hungry. When the hopeful and eager Aklak crashes into Nanuk’s world, she has to decide if the naïve grizzly bear is her food or her friend. (Paloma Baeza, Singapore, 12 min.)