Program One - Aspen

Shorts Program One

Tuesday, April 3 | 8:00PM  | 85 min. | Filmmaker Q&A to follow  |  Wheeler Opera House


Zion Clark weighs a mere 88 pounds and is three feet, two inches tall, yet he is nineteen years old. He was born without legs due to caudal regression syndrome. His birth parents abandoned him at the hospital and he has spent almost his entire adolescence in different foster homes. He is one of the strongest and most positive young men that you’ll ever meet. (Directed by: Floyd Russ, USA; Run Time: 10 min.)

Salamat From Germany

Desperate to escape Lebanon and settle in Europe, Lillo buys himself a Syrian passport and is ready to appropriate the Syrian identity to obtain asylum. However, what he might not be ready for yet, is everything that comes along with being a Syrian refugee today. (Directed by: Una Gunjak, Lebanon, Run Time 17 min.) North American Premiere

Negative Space

A tribute to a father who taught his son how to pack.


(Ru Kuwahata, France, 6 min.)


A group of young Black and Latino guys come home to their worst nightmare: an unconscious White girl on the floor of their apartment. They have no idea who she is or where she came from. Now they must decide what’s more dangerous: calling the cops or finding an alternative solution.  (Directed by: Carey Williams, USA; Run Time: 12 min.)

Still Water Runs Deep

Within his family, a Nigerian father is the patriarch and protector of his flock. “Still Water Runs Deep” follows a man who leads his household with a stern hand and assertiveness, but when his estranged son goes missing his reluctant search turns into an emotional journey to find him, shaking the core of his steely resolve and revealing his most intimate being.  (Directed by: Abbesi Akhamie, Nigeria; Run Time: 15 min.) U.S. Premiere

Sam Did It

Sam loves his job working in a morgue, almost as much as he loves his celebrity idol, Alfred Molina. So, when Alfred Molina arrives on Sam’s cold hard slab (possibly a victim of some nefarious seals), Sam’s world is thrown into chaos and despair.  (Directed by: Dominic Burgress, USA; Run Time: 10 min.)

The Burden

A dark musical enacted in a modern marketplace, situated next to a large freeway. The employees of the various commercial venues are portrayed as animals and have to deal with boredom and existential anxiety by performing cheerful musical turns. For them, the apocalypse is a tempting liberator.   (Directed by: Nikki Lindroth Von Bahr, Sweden; Run Time: 14 min.)