Filmfest 2018 Panel Discussion: TAKING IT TO THE EXTREME

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Grant Baldwin - Director (B_W)-1177



Saturday, September 29
Wheeler Opera House Lobby

Tickets: Aspen Film Members Free | General Admission $20


Synopsis: There’s something about nature and the outdoors that compels people to extremes—to conquer mountains, swim and surf oceans, and cover the vast space around us on foot, on skis, through water, on boards, or by climbing up, over or through.


Momentum Generation and This Mountain Life are unique documentaries that introduce us to groups of wildly determined individuals whose lives have become intertwined with nature—all of the subjects in both films have pushed limits, lived outside the norm, followed their passion and embraced the elements. These are extreme people with extraordinary dedication and motivation.


Filmmakers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist get into the minds of some of the world’s top pro surfers, a group of friends who, as adults, reflect on the complexity of the brotherhood and competition that shaped their shared emotional journey and made them pioneers both heroic and human.


Grant Baldwin introduces us to climbers who push themselves not only physically but mentally to achieve what is for many unthinkable. For a special breed of people, the draw of the mountains is so strong that their lives must revolve around it.


Determination, the will to persevere, trust and friendship are all themes that are explored within this conversation.


PANELISTS: Grant Baldwin, Jeff and Michael Zimbalist MODERATOR: Susan Wrubel, Executive Director Aspen Film

SPONSORED BY: Colorado Office of Film Television and Media

COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Paradise Bakery, Red Butte Roasters