Filmfest 2019 Filmmaker + Panel Discussion | Friday

9 - Michelle Esrick - Director_Producer of Cracked Up
Joyce B


“Cracked Up The Movie:
Letting the Light In”


Friday, September 27
Here House (614 East Cooper Ave., Aspen)

Tickets: Aspen Film Members Free | General Admission $10 at the door


Understanding the long arm of childhood trauma through ex-tensive scientific research has become an inspirational movement dedicated to bringing trauma informed care to every community around the globe. Childhood trauma is not a mental illness, but a mental injury, and understanding its biological effects is lifting the stigma and shame and freeing people from believing they were born broken. The good news is that we know how to treat trauma — but first we need to understand what it actually is; how it affects the brain and body and where it comes from.


Join us for a powerful, honest and enlightening conversation that will lift your spirits, bring you answers, connect us and bring us hope!


Award winning filmmaker and trauma survivor Michelle Esrick will share her personal experience and hope as well as her ex-tensive research with renowned trauma experts. Ms. Esrick will talk with Aspen Hope Center’s Michelle Muething and Sandy Iglehart to get to the heart of truly healing trauma.


PANELISTS: Michelle Esrick, Michelle Muething, Joyce Bulifant
Sandy Iglehart
COMMUNITY PARTNERS: Here House, Paradise Bakery