Saturday, September 28


Crystal Theatre 


Filmmaker Michael Barnett’s richly textured documentary illuminates an issue both timely and topical, but at its core captures the warm-hearted, courageous characters living within it. Caught in the center of a national debate on transgender civil rights, these athletes channel the endurance they’ve learned from their sports into their ever more public advocacy battles. Each of these dedicated teens shows immense perseverance in the face of unharnessed vitriol from choruses of parents and pundits alike, developing an emotional maturity far beyond anything their young age should require, and inspiring people of all ages to live proudly in their truths. Still, a network of support emerges to bolster their resolve, and despite the extreme anger of their opposition, each of these young forces of nature triumphantly overcomes hurdle after hurdle in their individual journey to live as their true selves and pursue what they love. (USA, 2019) 1HR 30MIN


FESTIVALS | AWARDS: Tribeca Film Festival, LA Outfest, Audience Award; Frameline San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival, Audience Award; Woods Hole Film Festival, Grand Jury Award 2019
DIRECTOR: Michael Barnett
WRITTEN BY: Michael Barnett, Amanda Griffin, Michael Mahaffie
WITH: Mack Beggs, Andraya Yearwood , Sarah Rose Huckmann


Crystal Theatre 


In director Michelle Esrick’s Award-winning documentary, we witness the impact that childhood trauma can have across a lifetime through the incredibly courageous and personal story of comedian, actor and “Saturday Night Live” legend Darrell Hammond. Renowned for his impressions of Bill Clinton, Sean Connery and more, Hammond wowed “SNL” audiences for a record-breaking 14 seasons. Although Hammond performed brilliantly on live TV, behind the scenes he suffered from debilitating flashbacks, self-injury and addictions, symptoms which were misdiagnosed by over 40 doctors as mental illnesses, including: multiple personality disorder, manic depression and schizophrenia. Not until a suicide attempt that brought Hammond together with Dr. Nabil Kotbi, was he properly diagnosed and treated, unleashing the memories his brain had locked away for over 50 years. (USA, 2019) 1HR 35MIN


FESTIVALS | AWARDS: DOC NYC, Maui Film Festival, Audience Award, Heal the World Cinema Award; Reel Recovery Film Festival
DIRECTED BY: Michelle Esrick
WITH: Darrell Hammond, Lorne Michaels, Steve Higgins, Christopher Ashley, Dr. Nabil Kotbi, Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, Whoopi Goldberg, Larry Laskowski (Darrell’s childhood friend)